This Section include Punjabi Prose Books Online, It is a collection of Prose and Lekhs on different aspects by Various Writers.Prose Shows us Ways. Its just like talk with the people
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Body Language (3-1326-P760)
Publisher  :
Authors     :     James Borg
Page          : 
Format      :     paper back
Language :      Punjabi
Body Language by James Borg  Punjabi Prose book Online
Lehran Di Awaaz (1-NBT1326-P5981)
Publisher    :
Authors      : Kalki R. Krishnamurthy
Page          : 
Format       :   
Language   : Punjabi
Lehran Di Awaaz By Kalki R. Krishnamurthy Punjabi Prose Book Online
1984 Teeja Ghalughara (1-1326-P8)
  Publisher   :
  Authors     :  Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur Udoke
  Page        :
  Format      :  Hard Bound
  Language    :
1984 Teeja Ghallughara by Sukhpreet Singh Udoke Punjabi Prose book Online

Mera Dagistan (1-TB1326-P5781)
Publisher    :
Authors      :  Rasool Hamzatov
Page         : 
Format       :   
Language     :  Punjabi
Mera Dagistan by Rasool Hamzatov punjabi prose book online
Geo Politics (1-1326-P6548)
Publisher  :
Authors     :    Navneet Chaturvedi
Page         : 
Format      :     Papar Back
Language :      Punjabi
Geo Politics by Navneet Chaturvedi Punjabi Prose book Online
Dharti Di Hik Vich Khooni Panja (1-SB1326-P1138)
Publisher  :
Authors     :     M.S. King
Page          : 
Format      :     Paper Back
Language :      Punjabi
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