The Sikhism - Culture, History And Religion

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The Sikhism - Culture, History And Religion by Jagjit Singh Sikhism History book Online
With the blessings of ‘Akaal Purakh’, the Almighty God, exactly three years back on 5th of January 2005, I literally entered the literary world when my first book, THE SIKH TREE, was released. The venue was Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib New Delhi and the occasion was the Parkash Divas’ of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh. The full title of the book was ‘ the Message of the Gurus – THE SIKH TREE- as the same
grew over a period of 239 years (from 1469 to 1708)’. It primarily dealt with the landmarks established by Guru Jote in ten different physical appearances in this world. It tried to bring to the fore, as to how and why the Sikhism of Guru Nanak as propounded, professed and practiced by him, followed and preached by subsequent eight Gurus was transformed into Khalsa Panth by Guru Dasmesh the Tenth
Nanak. It also touched the issue of bestowing of Guru Gaddi upon Sri Guru Granth Sahib. One chapter was given on Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the last chapter dealt with the ‘Essence of Sikhism – The Message Of The Khalsa’.The book has been well received. It has found its readers in substantial numbers in far-flung countries such as USA, CANADA,AUSTRALIA, THAILAND, MALAYSIA, KENYA, and KUWAIT. Some copies have also gone to U.K., SINGAPORE, AMASTERDOM (NETHERLAND). A number of individuals, institutions – schools,colleges, Gurdwaras, and libraries – have patronized the book in India
as well. Some well known scholars, writers, who gave their views and comments about the book, helped me a lot in reaching out to a large readership.Encouraged by the response and after getting the feed back, I,again with the grace and blessings of Sat Guru Nanak, embarked upon
taking in hand the current work. With my old but continuous approach of spreading the message of Gurus, world - wide and with a focus on those readers - Sikhs and other aspirants alike - who are not well versed in Punjabi language, I have attempted this work. In this book whereas
I have tried to codify and include some basic information about GurSikhi, I have also dealt upon some cultural and historical aspects, as well, of our religion.The book though not a voluminous one, has been split up into six small parts to facilitate its reading. Part one deals with ‘Our Festivals, Special Days’. Some festivals and certain other days, the Khalsa Panth specially celebrates and observes in a particular way have been mentioned and their importance has been brought to the fore. The Second part is just informative.Information on various points and issues of Sikhism has been given with some explanations, clarifications or interpretation In part Three, the lives of; the roles played by and contribution direct or indirect made by our Guru family ladies – mothers, wives and daughters have
been discussed. Starting right from Mata Tripta, to Mata Sahib Devan,in all nineteen lives, have been dealt with. The subject matter of Part Four is ‘Martyrdom in Sikhism’. Besides a general note on the subject, martyrdoms of some very prominent personalities starting from The
Crown of Martyrs – Shaheedan de Sirtaj - Guru Arjan Dev followed by ‘The Sheet of India’- Hind di Chaader, Guru Teg Bahadur have been discussed. Then in part V, most of the Historical Gurdwaras and Gurudhams have been listed with some details about their historical importance and significance. Part VI contains brief information about some typical terms used in the study and practice of Sikhism.The concluding pages carry two appendices. Appendix I is the Bibliography and Appendix II is all-important Index that shall prove to be of much help in locating any particular issue or subject in the text.
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